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Our Story…

First BankStockmans Bank of Gould, Altus, Hollis, Mangum, Eldorado, and Dallas which was formerly the First State Bank of Gould, has served the community and furnished the working capital for many farmers and ranchers in the area for more than 100 years.

It all began in 1910 as Herman H. Reeves, (Georgia Crow’s father) sold his only asset, a team of mules, for $350.  He then borrowed $650 and, together with the proceeds from the sale of the mules, he and Dr. J.P. Lee, L.O. Reeves, and C.H. Sharp founded the First State Bank of Gould on March 23, 1910.  The first officers of the bank were Dr. Lee, president; L.O. Reeves, vice president; Herman Reeves, cashier; and Sharp as assistant cashier.

Organized with two employees and a capital stock of $10,000, the bank opened for business in a small corner of the local general store.  Over a century later and only a short walk from that general store, Stockmans Bank now has total assets of about $200 million and over 50 employees.

Stockmans Bank has had seven presidents in its history.  Herman Reeves became the bank’s second president in 1920, succeeding Dr. Lee.  Upon the death of Herman Reeves in 1959, Emory S. Crow was elected president and held the office until 1978.  Crow was then elected chairman of the board, with Charles H. Hill, Jr. filling the post of president.  Rick Holder, who has been with Stockmans Bank since 1982, succeeded Hill and became president in 1986, and remained president until 2007.  He is currently chairman of the board, and has held that office since 1988.  Mark Holder became the sixth president of the bank in 2007, and has been employed by the bank since 1986.  Finally, in January of 2012, Danna Robinson became the 7th president of Stockmans Bank.

In 1920, Russell Reeves succeeded L.O. Reeves as executive vice president of the First State Bank of Gould, a position he held until entering the Army in 1942.  A.V. Hendrick held the office until 1947, when Robert S. Carmack assumed the vice-presidency.  In 1954, Emory Crow became the Executive Vice President and held the office until 1959, when he was elected president.  Alton M. Coppage, who joined the staff in 1958, was elected vice president and cashier and filled those offices until his retirement in 1977.

Teller LineOnly five people have served as chairman of the Board.  Herman Reeves served until 1959; Edna M. Reeves served from 1959 to 1971; Georgia Reeves Crow served from 1971 to 1978; and Emory Crow served from 1978 to 1988.  Rick Holder has served as chairman of the board since 1988.  The current board members are Mark Holder, Rick Holder, Raymond Wooldridge, Peter Wooldridge, Jana Bullington, Patti Goolsby, Patty Bratton, Kathy Holder, Sherri Ross, and Danna Robinson.

Over the years, we welcomed new business, and in order to meet the needs of a growing customer base, an ATM was added in Hollis, Oklahoma in 1988.  For the next ten years the bank experienced an exponential growth in our customer base, so in 1998 we built a second full-service facility in Altus, Oklahoma, and changed our name from First State Bank to Stockmans Bank.  The charter was also moved from Gould to Altus, making Stockmans Bank of Altus the main location.

  Continued growth of customer demand led to more expansion when we opened a facility in Hollis, Oklahoma on July 29, 2002.  In our commitment to offer courteous and sound banking practice to our customers, we opened yet another full service branch on April 14, 2003 that is located in the heart of Mangum, Oklahoma.  On March 16, 2009 we opened a bank branch in Eldorado, OK, and then in November of 2010, we opened a Loan Production Office in Addison, TX.   Due to a growing customer base, that office eventually outgrew itself, so we moved to larger office space and officially opened as a full-service branch in Dallas in July of 2013.  Stockmans Bank now has six bank locations  and eight ATMs to meet the service and convenience needs of our customers. 

  Stockmans Bank continues to serve southwest Oklahoma and the Dallas area with the same community-oriented, person to person approach to banking that’s at the heart of Stockmans Bank.  We remain an independent bank with a proud tradition of sound management and integrity.  Throughout our years of business we have built a reputation of having high quality and friendly service, community involved employees, and assured confidentiality in all of our services. 

The Stockmans Bank Family enjoys providing the community with a variety of services tailored to meet the individual needs of farmers, ranchers, businesses, Air Force Personnel, and local citizens.  We have served our customers and community faithfully for over 100 years and look forward to many more.