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Deposit Products

Stockmans Bank offers a variety of deposit products to meet your financial needs.  Whether you need a  business checking account, a savings account for your child, or a CD to earn some interest...our friendly, professional staff is here to assist you in deciding what's best in order to meet your own financial goals.  And don't forget, financial situations change...even if you’ve been a long-time customer and think your accounts suit you just right, never hesitate to drop by and re-visit with us about your options.  Throughout life, most people's financial situations change, so we are here to offer the best products and services to you for every stage of life.  So visit your local branch today…we’ll help you get the most "bang for your buck" by finding the right accounts tailored to meet your needs for today and for tomorrow!



  • E-ADVANTAGE CHECKING - Ask about our all-electronic accounts available for consumer and business use!
  • REGULAR CHECKING - Available with paper statements, for those who prefer traditional banking.
  • PREFERRED BANK CLUB - Membership includes various discounts, free services, and other benefits.  Ask a customer service representative for details!
  • BUSINESS CHECKING - Checking accounts for your business needs
  • RDC BUSINESS PLUS - Ask about Remote Deposit Capture for a more convenient style of banking for all your business needs.



  • SENIOR ADVANTAGE - Ask about the account perks of being a Senior!  Must be 62 or older.
  • NOW ACCOUNT - Earn interest with our NOW account by meeting the minimum daily balance.
  • SUPER NOW ACCOUNT - Ask us how you can earn even more interest with the SUPER NOW account by meeting the daily minimum balance requirements.
  • BUSINESS INTEREST ADVANTAGE ACCOUNT - Ask us how your business can earn extra cash with this interest bearing account!
  • MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT - Call your local branch for details about our popular Money Market Account!
  • PREMIER ACCOUNT - Maximize your interest earnings with an interest bearing Premier account.  Call for details today!

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  • SAVINGS - A great way to sock away excess cash you may need access to quickly is to open a savings account!  Call your local branch to find out more.
  • JUVENILE SAVINGS - It's never too early to teach your children good savings habits!  Our juvenile savings account is great for all youth up to age 23.



  • Time deposit with a fixed term
  • Interest is paid, with the rate depending on the term, which is usually at a higher rate than savings accounts
  • Can range from a 30-day term to a 5-year term
  • Early withdrawal penalties if money is withdrawn before maturity date
  • Like other deposit accounts, CDs are FDIC insured

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